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I am mum to five beautiful grown children, four living and my youngest  ‘Matthew’ who walks in heaven. On the 17 June 2019 Matthew suffered S.A.D, Sudden Adult Death, aged just 23.

I am also Nan to five energetic grandchildren ages 8 to 17 and a new little soul who will be joining us shortly.
My husband is ‘GD’ which stands for Granddad, or Great Dinosaur according to the little one.

I began to blog  six years ago as a means to record a time of transition,  my hair was turning grey and our three youngest flew the nest within 6 months of each other, my job out side the home had just ended and our roles began to transition from’ the Parents’, to primarily ‘the Grandparents’.

I thought I would be recording family moments, celebrations and recipes, little did I know that less than two years later I would be blogging a whole new adventure.

A necessitated downsizing due to ill health on both our parts, brought us from a London suburb to an 1861 coastal cottage in Cornwall, here we are learning to live simply, recycle, regenerate and make from scratch.

We have had to learn new skills, from stoking the Aga, to baking with different flours, using eggs from our chickens, to chopping wood for the fire and harvesting our own seeds.

Our aim in the beginning was to have fun while we discovered and grew our own food on our allotment and in deep beds in the garden. You are welcome along on our journey.

Our journey though has changed, it changed the moment our youngest  left us.

Our family is a different family now our youngest light has left us and the blog will ultimately be different as our story has been rocked from its foundation.

The most important thing we can be in the life is ‘to be love in the world’ , the little troubles and skirmishes we all experience fall into insignificance, because nothing is certain, and life can change in the blink of an eye. Love is all that remains.

When Matthew left,  two years of writing and photos from 2017-2019 deleted, the time that Matthew had upgraded my blog and it had come under his account. I restored what I could thanks to my husband having some of it stored on facebook notes, but after six months every single photo vanished as links from face book have an expiry  time we hadn’t been aware of. I have since restored everything I could and it is almost complete, just a very few articles or photos were lost.

I am blogging now without my encourager by my side, Matthew would always tell me how to work technical things out, how to manage things and what writing and what photos he thought were good. He kept me calm when I got flustered, telling me “you can do it mum” and so I keep trying, so to make him proud.


Blessings, love and light to all who pass by here,
This blog is now my dedication to continue to write and to share  because of the belief  Matthew had in my ability to write,

Our Matthew ‘loved forever.’


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