This is a re post of an article that we missed when restoring the missing part of the blog last year. The original article was written on January 24th 2019. Should be the last one🙂.
Tehidy woods to Portreath beach for GD and I takes about 50 minutes to walk at a fairly slow pace, each way. Parking up at Tehidy East Lodge
tehidy pic 1 entrance
we immediately cross the road to pick up the miners trail
Tehidy pic 2 mining trail
for the start of our walk
Tehidy pic 3 the path
On the left runs the golf course for the resort and to the right the daffodil fields already showing little glimpses of yellow flower heads brightening up the grey sky day.
Tehidy pic 4 daffodiles
We spy the harvested cauliflower field next to this field and see lots of perfect little flower heads left in the field, some are beginning to mold, but there are many that are still perfect and we pick one up for tea.
Tehidy pic 5 cauliflowers
Tehidy pic 6 cauliflower
there are bulbs we think are daffodils scattered all around the edge of the field, it looks like they have been unearthed by tractor wheels, so we pick a couple up and pot them when we get home.
Tehidy pic 7 bulb
Further down the lane we come out onto a small road for a short time which
takes us through the Gwel an mor resort and past the Feadon Farm wildlife center.
Tehidy pic 8 road
Tehidy pic 9 farm
To pick up the path down to the beach you need to bear left at this sign post then take the right hand path as you reach the goats. (The climbing wall center at ‘Base Camp’ is located just to the right of the sign post.)
Tehidy pic 10 goats
Walk down past the the beady eyed Emu’s,
Tehidy pic 11 emu
the turkey and chicken field
Tehidy pic 12 chickens
and the reindeer behind them, having a well earned rest.
tehidy pic 13 raindeer
Tehidy pic 14 reindeer
Just by the birds of prey
Tehidy pic 15 birds of prey
you will find an info board on another member of the farm residents, the red fox.
Tehidy pic 16 fox info
Take the public footpath.
Tehidy pic 17 footpath to the woods
and walk down towards the pond.
Tehidy pic 18 down to the pond
Tehidy pic 19 wildlife pool
Tehidy pic 20 the pond
Just a little way further you will spy a bridge over a flowing stream.
Tehidy pic 21 the bridge
If you decide to you can take a little detour here and go up the steep steps.
Tehidy pic 22 up to the viewing platform
Tehidy pic 23 steps
over the Stone wall stile.
Tehidy pic 24 over the wall
and out onto the viewing area with its wooden table and benches.
Tehidy pic 25 viewing portreath
Perfect spot for a nice cup of tea.
Tehidy pic 26 cup of tea
and a chance to sit awhile and take in the wonderful view over Portreath beach.
Tehidy pic 27 the sea
After a cuppa GD and I took a gentle walk down towards the end of the path by Glenfeadon castle.
Tehidy pic 28 walk through the woods
Tehidy pic 29 the castle
On the house wall opposite the castle I found a colourful free book lending library, I was so pleased and will return the book I borrowed and put another book in the cabinet which I no longer want along with it, I love this sort of thing and very much wish to encourage it.
Tehidy pic 30 the library
Take a sharp left here and walk down towards the beach along by a little stream and then over the bridge.
Tehidy pic 31 by the stream
Tehidy pic 32 the stream
I would group my photos into smaller grids but every time I use that program it messes my blog up!.
If you need the loos by now there is a nice little row of brightly coloured loos at the bottom of the road.
Tehidy pic 33 the new loos!
Just across the road from here you will find conveniently placed tables and benches set out along the sea front and GD and I like to sit here, breathing the refreshing, if a bit chilly sea air and watching the antics of the birds on the cliff face and the waves on the shoreline.
Tehidy pic 34 the beach
Then the walk back, takes us past the ‘Bassett Arms Pub’, it was so tempting to pop in but we resisted. We have eaten there once when GD’s aunt and cousin visited and it was very nice and friendly with good home cooked food.
Tehidy pic 35 the pub
Back home for a nice slow cooker casserole I put on earlier, nourishing and warm.
A lovely walk on a winters day or any day!
When we got back my daughter in law had messaged to invite me on a needle felting workshop, absolutely terrified, I know nothing about needle felting!, but excited too, I you tubed it and it looks fun. Two weeks time, I will post back about how I got on.