We Visited Trevaskis Farm, Hayle, Cornwall yesterday with J+J and our dogs Molly our old lab and Marley a bounding three year old Golden Retriever, all piled in to their camper van. Its is free to go around the farm with plenty of parking space there and dogs are welcome too, which we found very refreshing, there is even the farm spaniel that wanders around to greet you along the way. We walked around the nearest field to the car park where two shaggy coated donkeys came over to get their heads scratched, all the animals we encountered were very friendly and came over as soon as we came to the fence, there were some goats in the next  field, they too trotted across to meet us, not afraid of the dogs at all, We passed a family consisting of a bull, a heifer and their calf, I cant remember ever seeing that before in my life, then we walked around to the pig area past the loveliest of orchards, the pigs were all out in ample sized areas, with just a very low electric wire just above grass level, so it was very open, they were all enjoying the sunshine, from little families of new borns being suckled by mums to lolloping teenagers rolling around and play fighting in muddy pools, and waddling sows with in between piglets chasing them around to get milk on the hoof. We wandered along to the pick your own area and the covered poly tunnels, there were benches out at the end to sit on but we did not go down too far as Molly’s arthritis would not allow for too long a walk. In that area too were ducks and chickens, the chickens had open doors allowing them to freely roam under the fruit bushes and the ducks had a pond to bath in. Later we went around the farm shop and I was over the moon to find they stocked Suma groceries and local produce and all types of natural products I often have had to buy online before, not finding stockists near me, and the prices were in keeping with online prices so I am very happy to have come home with my sarakan mouthwash, urtekram toothpaste and some wonderful sencha green tea from ‘time out’. I will be supplementing this treat with home made toothpaste and mouthwash, but we are starting over again after a big downsizing move and this will keep us going till we are properly set up again. Being a veggie / vegan is conflicting in many ways for me to say this is a good farm, but if animals are to be raised for our food then this is definitely a good way to be going. It was good to hear as well a little family talking to their children about the pigs and what bacon really is, making the connection, and they were talking about our conscience about eating animals as a food source, they did seem to be helping raise their awareness of choice as mum appeared to be off to the shop to buy bacon as she left.
Ethics aside it was a good day out, even with my conflicted view point and I’d like to think we will be taking our grandchildren there soon, A visit to this farm is a good day out and the bonus is the kids are exposed  to  a better way of farming and hopefully one that will become the minimum starting point for farming of the future.