We have had the wormery a couple of years now we were very excited to receive our wormery and had great expectations of it, but the first 18 months alas it did not provide us with all the copious amounts of  rich compost the advertisements had promised us. We read all the books and followed the instructions to the letter, we wrapped it in bubble wrap during the coldest months, even moved it in to the shed when it got bitter, we fed it and fussed over it wanting the best for our new 2000 plus little residents, and well nothing much happened. Our promise of ravenous mouths to feed eating up all our waste just did not materialize, we were very disappointed, and although we continued to tend it dutifully, at one point we had to sift through the layers of the tower to barely discover even a handful of productive worms. So we started again with a handful of survivors, this time we did not posses all the coir matting and worm food they had come with, so we chucked in some of their own compost, the little that had been produced, not enough to fill a small bucket,  some garden earth, some damp newspaper and some damp cardboard and a whole heap of peelings and egg shells, this time nothing was ground up or particularly chopped up, it all went in just as it came and apart from making sure they were not too dry we pretty much forgot about them, just continuing to feed them our waste. I noticed last autumn that we were making  a lot more trips to empty our kitchen caddy than of previous and when we peeked in they seemed to be a healthy bunch with lots of new babies wriggling about everywhere. We duly moved  bringing our wormery with us and since the day we moved in every last little scrape has gone in the wormery and it has all been getting churned over, they are going great guns, the bin is full of worms of all sizes and we had to empty two full layers from their tower today, I am so delighted that we do not waste any foodstuffs at all anymore, it all goes in, even the scrapings from our plates, the worms are devouring it all and a bonus is we don’t get wet smelly household bins, there are no

wheely bins to collect compost in down here, it is all being turned into beautiful rich compost.  The garden we have with our new place does not as yet have anything but grass and a few fruit trees growing but I am sure that will be changing over the coming years. Ironic, we wanted the compost to feed our veg patch now we need a veg patch to use our compost. Anyways to all of you out there who maybe thinking of getting a wormery I can honestly encourage you to go for it, you will be helping to heal our earth and definitely to any of you despairing of seeing any action with their wormery, keep going, if we can do it so can you. P.S do remember to tie your lid down in two corners at least to prevent the wind blowing it off, never had that problem till we moved to Cornwall, and also we now have a Marley dog in the family, a very large golden retreiver who visits frequently and would like nothing more than a few thousand worms for dinner.
Quick mention to our girls Fae and Crystal who are doing a grand job and providing us with two glorious brown eggs a day.
And lastly a pic of Marley who has a poorly foot pad after scraping it badly in the woods at the weekend and is spending the day with us, we are treating his pad with colloidal silver and tea tree essential oil, though would have probably just used iodine if we had had any in.