This year has felt a very busy year, with job changes, children leaving the nest and returning, road trips, Wales, Galford springs, Cornwall, moving house, a wedding and more events than I have room for here. We received lots of ‘advice’ about our parenting, our life style and our choices, which we contemplated and it caused us to struggle a little with our decisions but on reflection we see we have all grown as a family this year, our extended family has pulled together and we have seen everyone grow tremendously, we have attracted an unwelcome amount of critic about our move and about how much our extended family bonds, meeting for group holidays and large family meals, looking after each others animals and children, but at the end of the year as we look back all we can say its been busy, hectic and a blast and we are a blessed and happy couple.

On the surface we received much negativity about our decisions to give up our jobs, downsize and move to the coast for a more self sufficient life style, but our calendar is already booked with planned visits and stays from our children and friends and we have foraging dates, forest theater and workshop dates penciled in for me and GD, proving all the nay sayers amiss in their forecasts of being forgotten as soon as were gone and a poor choice of location. As soon as we get to our new cottage we have a summer house planned so people can come to what we hope will be a sanctuary and breathing space for others to enjoy as much as we will and as we are happiest when cooking and making we hope to continue and even expand on our home made foods and beverages and cottage crafts, maybe after a morning stroll through the forest or along the local beach.
After all the festivities and excitement of the past few weeks we will visit a friends dads 80th celebration today and then although invited out later we are opting for a cosy new year celebration in, lighting a candle and maybe drumming the new year in, some board games with our sons and daughter in law and a cup of good cheer.
Signing off for now, but keep tuned for the new year as the jobs end and our move to the new cottage commences. We will be blogging our experiences and our exploring of our new coastline and our adventures in foraging, cooking and preserving.