astrology of the blood moonsSeptember 2015, We bought a house and sold a house, we are moving from Hertfordshire to a little village near Portreath called Illogen, not far from Lands end. Going to do it do it then do it good!. The house did not even get on the market, the house pics were taken at 3 pm and we sold to the first viewer at 6.10 pm at full asking price, our offer was accepted on the house we wanted the following morning and has vacant possession, there is no chain this end and everyone is wanting to go by end of November. We will need to give notices to our employers soon and then its kind of final.
For the last ten days we have been emptying the loft, the sheds, the green house, top cupboards, we have been in this house for twenty eight years and brought our five children up here, we have said goodbye to my mum and Rays dad from here, but after the tears of emptying out we have a sense of excitement for our new life in Cornwall. We will have more room even though we are downsizing considerable and there is a  room almost the width of the house to put a big pine table in with sixteen seats so our whole family will be able to enjoy a meal together, It is a project and will need stripping back and gutting, there is flock wallpaper, plush pile carpet and chandeliers and built in everything, so much so even the stain glass panels of the front door and side window are mostly obscured. The house has a forgotten type of energy about it and is not even lived in any more having been rented out previously, underneath all of it are wooden floorboards waiting to be exposed striped and reconditioned and under stairs  alcoves waiting to be opened up again to make a magic den, all filled in at the moment with fake slated wood cupboards, there is so much wasted space at the side of the house and its all gravel just waiting to be brought back to life with colour and plants and water features and green houses. There are still three bedrooms one with knee high to ceiling windows that allow you to sit on the floor and look out over the garden, which is derelict and not even just overgrown, just unloved at the moment, but if you look either side to the neighbours you can see the scope of what can be done, down the side of the house is unused land to be made into a secret side garden with a wall calling out for French doors to open the light into the dinning room.and step out into your secret garden. We have a bus stop just across the road (ten minutes takes you into the leisure centre and swim pool or the local town with a super tesco and such like) just by a well with a working water fountain with seating benches all around it, we are minutes walk from a big forest that leads down to the cliff top walk and just a three minute drive from the sandy beach where we were body boarding earlier in the year. A six minute walk takes me to the local school house where I can take two yoga classes a week and Ray and I are even considering do a Qi gong class together one evening. plus they have local activities and walks from there. We have a post office, a small co-op and a boots and a doctors surgery. We are minutes down the road from our son and daughter in law and their new dog Marley.
The grandchildren have been taking turns staying over the last few weeks at our house and we have had such a blast with them, they are all excited for our move as the whole family will be able to stay spread between the two houses ours and Julian and Jazz’s. This is just a quick entry to keep up to date a little bit, will edit and add pics when have more time. Closing down the garden is a monumental task and sorting through what’s to come and what’s to stay and what’s to recycle is keeping us very busy for the moment, and logistics of things like transporting our much loved piano. Ray and I will be foraging a lot once we are down there and keeping a locality map and going on some of the fat hen foraging walks, looking forward too to fireworks on the beach and new years in St Ives. Big changes but with the forth of the blood moons tonight we really feel like we are on the right track.