So yesterday as the enormity of how my life is going to change hit home I found my self turning off electric lights as I went about the house and there was no longer people in that room. Closing the windows and doors before it got too cold at night, being aware of the freezing bags I was using to bag some bulk produce G D had brought home (excess freezer produce being dumped) which of coarse will no longer be coming in, and seeing how to cut down on reliance on stuff like this, for example my cheese and bacon were also wrapped in bags in the fridge, they should have been in reusable tubs, which is a big reminder for my cut down on one use plastics and paper drive.
Today I washed out the big council recycling bin so to get a fresh start, luckily bins were emptied today, and set up separate waste bowls for the kitchen, one for the worms, one for the compost and one for dry recycling like glass and plastic, all of which I’ve been doing on and off but often in spells where I am either really on top of it all or really asleep at it, the reality is it takes hard work, it is also hard  when not everyone is on board in your household and you are working, my young adults in the house are way too busy for it to mean anything to them, to really get it, sometimes it is hard to see how much instant, processed and chemical stuff is consumed and discarded by them, but I am so glad they are here and I am peaceful that they live their lives their way and we can share much together in other ways. The hot water is getting turned off, I will be down in Cornwall in a few hours, when we return it will be on a timer for just four hours a day, split between am and pm, enough for showers, if any more is needed it can get turned on for what is needed then off again. Spending a few days at the coast with J+J and then all of us meeting at the bunk house in Devon, will not get a signal there so no posting for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to getting away for a bit and letting my brain settle, there has been a lot to take in and process and am eager to simplify and get peaceful. Oh and I planted out some extra Kale in any spare space I could find and using up every last scrape like my oranges, lemons and avocado’s, knowing they will be pricey for my new budget makes me so grateful to their everything, taste, colour, texture, health properties, funny how perspective changes,
I am so grateful to the universe giving me this gift to grow.