To share or not to share ? someone told me this was too personal to share but I write, it gives me joy to share, so I share.This blog covers a wide spectrum of topics one of its colours is about transition. Sometimes I see we hide behind happy faces that respond with a customary ‘I’m fine’ to those who enquire. Sometimes it is employed only being meant to be a courteous greeting, other souls though might be really honoured to have open dialogue with you, to touch with you on how you your ‘soul’ is journeying and some would not know how to process truth and honesty to such a question not generally eliciting more than ‘I’m fine’ to placate the normality of social function. Today my soul has grieved, I look pale I know, I saw someone today I knew in the street, they looked uncertain and made light talk. I would not embarrass any one by expanding on my condition, I would rather be quiet today, alone today. I want to process. My husband rubs my neck, he is not verbal, wanting me to know he is there, but it feels like he is rubbing so hard. he might squash me out of existence, I feel translucent, not quiet solid. How can I explain there is not a sadness but an aching of eternity that tugs at my spirit. Sometimes the ‘ I’ dissolves and my spirit soars free, but in this worldly business this samsara where life crashes your peace then again and again it crashes with no respite till you loose sight of yourself then you are all at sea, at some point I step aside and become the witness to the chaos, I see my head and heart have come undone, then surrender comes, for there is ‘no’ ‘thing’ left, I am done, and then comes healing and soul growth. So do not look saying “so what’s wrong with her?,” but see that in these times there is a great richness to behold. I too am not a very verbal person, I get tongue tied easily and my heart  races, my face reddens when I’m with people, but when I write, the words in my soul snake into form, the ink lays down black upon the paper and it paints a picture of the landscape of my thoughts. When I write, peace comes and clears the way, so that I may tread another day more lightly than before.