I’ve been working on my exam today and this was part of an answer I gave to a question.  I haven’t much time for blogging over the next few days,so I hope you enjoy this. Any thoughts or comments welcome!.
Every living being needs the connection of touch, without touch life is stunted at worst perishes. The giving and receiving of touch brings balance and healing to the mind and body. Touch is restorative bringing balance where there is imbalance, through the power of touch comes harmony, it reconnects where there has been discord or separateness. Through Touch we can be giver or receiver of life energy. To all life touch soothes and encourages healthy development, no matter what age we are or what species we are. Touch is a communicator, a language without the need for words, it is a transmitter of energy, giving love and worth. In today’s busy world the importance and the art of touch can be forgotten, we can loose our connection between ourselves, to ourselves, to the earth beneath our feet and our connection to the universe and spirit. At certain times such as puberty or menopause, ‘the gateways of change’ or when our bodies are under stress, our bodies have even more to deal with as hormonal changes challenge the free flowing balance of our life force energies. Touch therapies, even more so in the west, in our time pressed and isolating culture, being calming, relaxing, lowering blood pressure, reducing loneliness and depression, improving circulation and the immune system, aiding relief of arthritis, rheumatism and stiffness, therapies like reflexology, have never been more needed. An elderly person in our society today commonly receives very little touch and yet we know that children will die if not cuddled and will not thrive or grow strong without daily hugs, its the same for any age and any gender. It is the first sense to develop, it is how we first make sense of the world around us. Touch is a gift, through touch therapy there is a given opportunity to share this healing of touch, through the practice of such therapies as reflexology, comes a sharing to people, commonly caught up living in a society practising separateness, a difference can be made.