I belong to a Facebook group called the gardeners calendar, someone posted the other day about our beloved bees. Apparently bees get very thirsty but sometimes they drown trying to drink because of their heavy bodyweight. This is my version of making a bee bath, it looks really pretty in the garden, I put mine below our holly tree which the bees seem to love. You can come up with all sorts of ideas, all you need is a shallow dish and some pebbles or stones ( I used boiled and salt free shells). The pebbles allow the bees something to grab on to so they can haul them selves out if they get in to difficulty.
 I’v been aiming to get up a little earlier each morning so there is time to take a breath, to welcome the new day. I read this this morning.
‘If we take the time to press our feet firmly, but carefully into each step not only do we slow our journey but we slow our heart and mind too, giving us some much-needed extra minutes to check in with ourselves, with the world around us; to make sure we are doing okay.’
This is just an extract from a longer piece of writing I found in this years earth pathway diary. I thought I might mention where I have found inspiration from over the years, quality sources that feed my soul and am hoping to share what I’ve found to others so hopefully they will find their lives  as enriched from these finds as I have done.