Today I am learning how to upload  photos to my blog, this Granny is rocking. I know its not a big deal, but I was in the last school year to sit exams without calculators, I remember pound shillings and pence and still judge weights and distance better in imperial measures. Anyways this is the back garden growing our fruit and veg. We live just inside the M25 that circles around London. Its a smallish urban garden 50ft aprox. but I am going all out to provide delicious home grown goodies for the family, I don’t want to keep taking trips to the supermarket to buy deep gassed  fruit and veg from across the world. Today I have a zillion little baby courgettes growing, the strawberries this year have been plentiful,  juicy and sweet . The blueberries such a super food and so expensive in the shops are coming along nicely, turning to that deep purple hue. We’ve been hit on the gooseberries with saw fly, but a good dousing morning and night with diluted washing up liquid and hubby picking off the ones he catches, it has to be a hubby job there as I am struggling with the whole Buddhist concept of none harming, seems to be doing the trick. This is our first week now with not using black bags, cling film or kitchen towel, we don’t have a bin in the kitchen anymore and are recycling everything we possibly can, sorting as we go instead of letting it building up and then dumping some stuff because its all getting too much. The broom is out of the closet along with the dustpan and brush, I used to just squidge a bit of spray on the floor and wipe up dirt with paper kitchen towel, now I have floor cloths which are rinsed through and hung in the wind and sun, Surface and dish washing cloths likewise, a little bit of tea tree or lemon oil and a dash of white vinegar to the rinse water, keeps them clean and bright. Every storage receptacle I have is doing overtime as the cling film is banned, I even have a cow shaped butter dish holding my half of  lemons. Just for your interest GD nearly set himself alight the other day as I’ve been using herb based candles to freshen the air and he almost missed the one sitting in the sink in the down stairs loo, the loo originally was outside but we put double glazing across and now its inside, its small and narrow, you don’t have much room.I knew living naturally was going to be challenge but being a fire hazard hadn’t crossed my mind..