I was sanding the floorboards of C4’s now vacated bedroom. I’m on my knees scrubbing away with my wire wool and detox spray when I was eye to eye with the plug socket. I remembered the last time I was in this position was when C2 attempting to extend the socket used his hammer drill unfortunately drilling through the metal casing that lies under the surface of the wall, running down from the loft and branching out under the floorboards to service the lower floor of the house, he then also had to saw through the floor boards to get at the lower wiring hence the split wood below my knees awaiting sanding. We were as poor as church mice in those days and getting an electrician to sort us out was out of the question, fortunately we had a friend who knew a thing or two about electrics, unfortunately he was away for a few days and we were without power, with five kids in the winter that’s an adventure. Which led me to thinking about another electric crises involving C3. It was the first time we had been away without him, he assured us he was more than capable of looking after himself. We arrive at our destination just as the phone rang, it was C3 he had had a slight mishap in that three hours between our departure and arrival,. In those days we had a very deep metal bath, our house was built in 1945 by prisoners of war and still sported its original bath, this having no overflow pipe, so when C3 ran his bath and completely forgot about it, when he returned the house it was a foot deep in water and all the electrics had blown. Me and GD by now were becoming blasé in our expectation of disasters and chaos on the occasions of leaving our maturing teenagers. Our very first time away C1 our eldest had her nan over to keep an eye on things, the first day they managed to lock themselves out and had to smash the back door window to gain entry, plus a chicken had died and what should they do with it. Although blasé we are still somewhat hesitant to leave offspring C5 seeing their track history between them. The very first time GD and I went out without the children after seventeen years, we walked up the path to our friends house and reached to press the door bell, when we received a call from the local A and E, C5 had been standing on a table and showing off a rap song he was learning for our Sunday school class, his brother C4 not liking it very much  helped his brother off his platform, C5 fell against the edge of a concrete wall and split the back of his head open, as he laid face down in the cradle having his head stitched up the doctor asked C5 how he had done it, he told the doctor about the rap song and the doctor asked if C5 would sing it for him, C5 sang ‘Jesus went up the mountain say yeh, say yeh’, the A and E were in stitches (haha) with my little lad singing his song for them. I love decorating, its funny though doing this bedroom at this time, this bedroom that once had four boys in double bunks living here, now its getting stripped back to become my therapy room where I will give my treatments from and hopefully eventually hold one or two yoga classes from. I looked in the mirror this morning and the grey hair isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I think I’m actually becoming a little bit pleased with its progress., I guess that means I’m ready.