‘The longest day, a mid-point, where the sun stands still upon the horizon. This marks the height of summer and the solar principle in its full radiance while the earth too is reaching fullness. On the map of human existence, mid-life is a time of self-exploration, consideration, choice, rejection and deciding which road to take’

GD and me went for a walk in the woods yesterday to help us prepare for the solstice. We felt as though the trees were talking to us. It was good to drop the working mind and feel the touch of the sun on our faces. We had been to the supermarket earlier and it had seemed so unreal to us, we’ve often been through phases recycling and trying to live a greener life, but we feel the connection to the earth stronger and we want to live respecting her. It takes some thought not to  habitually throw black bin liners, cling film, kitchen towel,  the list is endless, in the trolley. We don’t need these things, were just conditioned in our thinking. Today we got out in the garden and planted out cucumbers, squashes and dwarf green beans, we’ve grown from them from seed from the real seed company We picked lettuce, rocket, spring onion, used our own garlic and herbs to make a salad and our own strawberries, we ate them outside and felt better, we fed the wormery and the garden compost bin with the trimmings and had Mint tea made from our own plants, life is looking better. Tonight we are going to drum and chant and burn our home made candles and reflect on the direction of our path on this  journey. Its easy to get so wrapped up in enduring and performing that we forget we are all connected and  are all expression of the Divine.