We had a BBQ last weekend to celebrate the end of A levels for C5. There has been a lot of endings, closures and moving ons recently, even our nutty crazy hen who thought she was a dog departed this world yesterday morning, she was a game old gal, pardon the pun. It was also Fathers day and we had three daddies present, Hubby daddy, GD, my youngest said that stood for Grand Dinosaur, C2 eldest son, and SI, son in-law, he doesn’t need a number, I only have one daughter, C1 my afore mentioned daughter, arrived and was sporting a lovely subtle red in her locks, now the clan are privileged to have been blessed by a ginger top ancestor, my grandfather on mums side and except where bald as in case of C2 we all tend to get a bit of the genetics given the right conditions of sun and sea. The reason I mention this is because about seven years ago the red highlights in my hair began to appear more of a dirty grey and I realised there was going to be no slipping gracefully into my crown of wisdom. Looking for natural products led me to dying my hair with natural hair dyes and so I soothed my conscience telling myself that I was transitioning gracefully, instead I see now I was side stepping my true identity, I hid in the false vigour the naturally dark brown dye afforded me, often to my disadvantage as the healthy locks did on the surface afford me a younger appearance and so expectations of my energy levels were untrue to the tiredness I often felt as my body entered its menopausal season. I’ve never been one for the hairdressers, finding them too bright too noisy and well a little bit brutal to be honest, so its been on very few occasions I’ve ventured to the high street to torture myself with an appointment, much preferring a visit to the dentist, such is the depth of my phobia. I was following a link on Facebook the other week and came across something new to me a ‘spiritual haircut’. G offers herbal tea and a life chat, questions what are you leaving, what are you aspiring to?, when an intention is formed you choose a piece of artwork, these relate to a chakra, mine corresponded to the third eye, then an oil is chosen to compliment the energy of that choice, mine was cedar wood, this is diluted and sprayed liberally all around and is used to dampen the hair, then a massage to align the chakras and relax the back and head, then the cut, which was blissful, I felt as though I was gently being supported to let go of all the old conditioning and wake up with child eyes to the joys of new experience. Then another chat and a bit of life coaching. The cut hair is swept up and placed in a beautiful envelope which you get to keep to give back to mother earth in your own way. I will be planting mine at the foot of some ancient rocks and trees near to Mt Snowdon where we often camp. After this meeting I felt inspired and confident to begin moving into this now post menopausal body and am enjoying pampering it, long candlelit soaks in Epsom salts and lavender oil baths, coconut oil massaged with kindness into the skin, a new sandalwood impregnated comb and a bamboo brush to manage and pamper my hair and months after passing a course in herbalism am putting together natural products with aloe Vera and essential oils in a natural vegan soap base. Gosh instead of feeling so tired, am feeling relaxed and enthusiastic at the adventure I am now in.